Monday, February 11, 2013

KTVT - The Super Ones

TV stations periodically update their "brands" (meaning their logos, colors graphics, etc.) in order to stay "current."  These changes are meaningless to 99% of the population but the stations seem to think they are very important and once they change they seldom go back. But there are some that are worth revisiting.

In the 1980's Channel 11 in Dallas made a big push with their kids-themed logo and programming.  With this as their starting point:

It wasn't a far trip to get to this:

Meet the Super Ones!  Get it?  They're both the number 1 and they are both super.  They were robots of some sort and they pretty much just stood there and talked in a robot-like manner.  Here's what they sounded like:

Yep, those robot voices are very robot-esque.  They showed up from time to time to announce contests, cartoons and other types of whatnot that might appeal to the kiddie market.  I was reminded of these two guys when I stumbled across this promotional pin in some of my old stuff:

If I recall correctly I picked up this little beauty at the KTVT booth at the Fort Worth Stock Show in the 80's.  This picture may be deceptive because the pin is only about 3/4 of an inch tall.  As you can see it's made of that cheap kind of plastic that doesn't hold up well over the decades.  But it was free so I can't really complain.

I don't know if the Super Ones had any kind of back story.  They might have been a couple of hip alien robots who came to earth to promote quality children's television programming.  As many hip mascots frequently do, they occasionally wore sunglasses and were a little more animated which can be seen on the Kid's Club poster behind this guy:

Assuming that my outer space back story is true then at some point their work here on Earth was done and they went back to space to share cartoons and Gilligan Island reruns with another world's youth.

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