Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Memories

When you think about monuments to Texas music legends, the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue or the Willie Nelson statue, both in Austin, might first spring to mind.  But let me introduce you to another Lone Star performer whose memorial is worth a stop on your next east Texas road trip:

Jim Reeves started his career as a minor league baseball player but an injury led to his pursuit of fortune and fame in the music industry.  And it worked.  So much so that his hometown of Carthage, TX (also the former home to country music legend Tex Ritter) has created an impressive memorial to his memory:

Check it out the next time you are in the area.  If you aren't familiar with Reeves' work then sit back and enjoy his effortless performance of "I Love You Because" on a Norwegian TV show in 1964:

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fine Food and Spirits

Is Larry's Mexican Restaurant in Richmond, TX haunted?  This photograph, taken in 2010, seems to indicate that it's frequented by at least one little spirit:

But don't strap on your proton packs just yet.  According to this article on Snopes there's more gravy than grave about this little specter.  Apparently it's just an example of some simple photographic trickery.

Sure, that's not as much fun as a good old fashioned haunting but hopefully, if the restaurant manager's are smart, they can spin this into a Texas tall tale use the gimmick to promote the business:

"Larry's Mexican Restaurant - Home of the Haunted Habaneros!"  It would definitely make me want to stop for a burrito on my way through town.