Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cowboy (Back) Up

Last year we were there when the historic Neon Big Tex came down from his perch at Centennial Liquor on I-35 in Dallas.  It was a roadside highlight along the highway for many years but all good things must come to an end.

But the good news was that our glow-in-the-dark buddy was acquired by the great State Fair of Texas and, just like his historic big brother, will be making yearly appearances at the Fried Food Capital of the World:

You can find him between the Cotton Bowl and the Lagoon during the Fair.  Due to various regulations, he has to come down after the Fair but, rest assured, the plan is to bring him back every year.

So in between corn dogs and Tilt-A-Whirls take some time to visit a little State Fair history in all its bright light glory and feel free to give him a great big "Howdy!"

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Junk Find Five: First Monday Oct 2016

It's time to revisit one of our favorite recurring blog entries where we go to flea markets and swap meets in Texas and find five interesting things for sale. They may provide some interesting insight into Texas Culture or they may not.  But they are the five items that caught my eye on that particular trip.

This time we head to First Monday in Canton, TX for multiple reasons:  it's one of the biggest, some say it's the best and, most importantly, it's relatively close to where we live.  Let's see what we found!

So this time, instead of just scoping out an arbitrary selection of oddities, I decided to go with a theme.  Let's call it "Nature."  All our finds today either had to be dug up, skinned or otherwise liberated from mother nature.  Here's what nature's bounty had to offer:

5. Skulls - Various Animals/Sizes

The best part here is the variety.  If you're in the market for the a small mammal skull then odds are you can find what you need at this booth.  What's your pleasure?  Muskrat skull?  Skunk skull?  With jaw?  No jaw?  One stop shopping.

4.  Barite Rose Rocks

The official state rocks of Oklahoma are so rare that they are almost only found in the Sooner State.  These aren't the best formed ones we've seen but their still pretty good.  The unique way they are formed makes them look like their namesake roses and the Oklahoma red dirt gives them their appropriate color.

3.  Bear Skin Rugs

So apparently bear skin rugs are a real thing.  They usually only exist in cartoons and 1970's cologne advertisements but it looks like they can also be found at First Monday.  Even though the usual cliche is to relax on one of these in front of a roaring fireplace, these guys seem a little too creepy to be relaxing.

2.  Big Honkin' Rock Slab Tables and Chairs

If you ever wanted to feel more like Fred Flintstone in the comfort of your own home then these beauties are for you.  Sure they're a little pricey and probably extraordinarily difficult to move but you can't deny how cool these things look.  Can't wait to see their rock slab recliner and loveseat.

 1.  Cobra Vertebrae Necklace

You may be "cool" but are you "Cobra Vertebra Necklace cool"?  Probably not.  Only a certain kind of person could pull off adorning themselves with the bones of a poisonous snake.  If you're not sure that's you then you can work your way up to it with the Cobra Vertebra Bracelet.

It was a great haul this time around.  We'll see what we get at the next flea market...