Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Ode to Gilley's Beer

Very few beers have movie careers.  But a famous name and a hit film can take a brew to the next level and make it a household name (at least for a little while).  Say hello to one of the biggest co-stars of Urban Cowboy:

Gilley's Beer was the drink of choice of its namesake Mickey Gilley.  His club (also named Gilley's) in Pasadena, TX was a huge hotspot and was featured heavily in the John Travolta film Urban Cowboy.  The story goes that Gilley and his partner wanted to have their own beer and around that time the movie was being filmed.  Once the cases started to roll in, they made sure as many actors and extras were holding them as possible. 

The beer made it into several scenes including sharing screen time with Mickey himself:

If you want to add a level of entertainment to the movie you can keep your eyes peeled for the cans like an Easter Egg Hunt while you watch:

The club burned down years ago and sure, there's a new one in Dallas, but Gilley's Beer is a thing of the past.  You can still find them on eBay and while I don't recommend drinking them, they're cool Texas pop culture souvenir.

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