Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tom Landry: The Comic Book

Tom Landry can easily be classified as a Texas icon and as such his life was memorialized in one of the greatest ways possible.  Statue?  Oh, sure.  Highways and buildings named after him?  Of course.  But no, I'm talking about America's highest honor:  your own comic book!

"Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys" was published by Spire Christian Comics in 1973 and as you might have guessed from the publisher's name, it's less of a biography of Landry and more of an advertisement of the Christian faith.  It starts where all stories should start - Super Bowl VI:

That victory was an anchor point for telling the story of Landry's life.  As I said, details are sparse but the highlights include his service during World War II:

His football career at the University of Texas:

His time in New York:

And, of course, becoming head coach of the Dallas Cowboys:

Which leads back to that victory in '72:

The rest of the book centers around his spiritual life.  It's hard to sum up a man's life in one comic book but they make a concerted effort to do right by Tom here...and in the end, that's all you can ask for.

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