Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chuck Norris Downtown Dallas Car Chase

The first episode of Walker, Texas Ranger had a pretty sweet car chase in downtown Dallas.  Who's in the mood for some old school action?

It all starts in a way that all scenes should start...with a specific mention of the filming location:

We begin at the intersection of N. Griffin St. and Corbin St. in downtown Dallas.  If you go there now you'll see a giant aquarium.  But the Dallas World Aquarium didn't exist (or at least, it didn't exist as it does in its current form) when this episode was filmed so it didn't get in the way of their cameras.

Walker and his partner Trivette were parked separately and were both apparently waiting for something to happen as they regaled each other with tales of past hijinks.  I guess they were putting the vibe out somehow because when the mustachioed bad guys (or MBGs as they will be referred to from here on) drove by in their evil white van they could sense something and they freaked out and the chase began.

Trivette took off in his lame car and Walker head out in his awesome truck:

Getting out of a Dallas parking lot in downtown is a lot hard than it looks.  Walker found this out the hard way as  he tried to pursue the MBGs and found several pesky citizens and their cars in his way.  But not to worry, Trivette was right on their tails.

They headed northeast on San Jacinto St.  (Note the KDFW antenna/transmitter in the background...sorry it's kind of washed out in my pic):

They then took a sharp right onto Akard St. which caused enough of a fender bender to put Trivette's car out of commission.  Then I'm guessing they headed south (the wrong way) on Ervay or went a block over to Paul St.  But Walker was close behind and Trivette jumped into the back of his truck and they continued the chase...

Both vehicles somehow then found themselves heading southwest-ish (don't you just love the funky layout of downtown Dallas?) on Bryan St. toward Thanks-Giving Square.  You can see Trivette in the back of Walker's truck firing his gun wildly in the general direction of the MBGs (which, of course, is a perfectly reasonable thing to do):

One of those pesky box trucks picked that exact time to pull out into the street and get in the way of Walker's truck.  So Trivette jumps out and runs across Thanks-Giving Square (which is really more of a triangle) to Pacific Ave. 

Which was a great idea because the MBGs continued down Bryan St. and made had the horrible idea to make the very sharp (and probably illegal) turn onto Pacific which means that they were essentially driving back towards the cops.

But this wasn't anywhere near the end of the episode so, of course, after some more gun play the MBGs got away.  Walker finally shows up to Trivette's location, delivers the act break joke and then the commercials started. 

Here's my rough approximation of how the chase happened:

 Don't worry, there's plenty more action ahead.  Next time: another bank heist, a shootout and at least one big, honkin' explosion in downtown Fort Worth!  To be continued...

(In the interest of full disclosure: only one of the bad guys had a mustache.)

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