Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dallas Strip Club

The Dallas Morning News was founded in 1885 and, despite a downturn of the newspaper industry in recent years, continues publication to this day.  A little simple math tells us that the paper celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1985 and, of course, they released a special celebratory issue.  And if we turn directly to the comics page (as we frequently do) we get a special surprise.

Several cartoonist whose work was published in the hundred year old publication drew some custom congratulatory doodles for the big event.

Steve Canyon was your standard square-jawed adventure strip that had a great long run from 1947 to 1988.  Here, Steve takes a moment to slap a potential assassin and salute the DMN!  (Fun Fact: In Poteet, TX you can see a mural of Steve Canyon character "Poteet Canyon" and while you're there stop in for the Strawberry Festival.)

Prince Valiant started in 1937 and continues to this day.  It's known for its sprawling, ambitious artwork supplied by a variety of artists over its impressive run.  John Cullen Murphy is the artist for this piece and started on the strip in 1970.  (Fun Fact: If you've ever heard the term "Prince Valiant Haircut," this is what it looks like.)

In the words of the Gilligan's Island season one theme song, "...and the rest!"  At the top we have Betty Boop and Felix the Cat in black tie to send their regards.  The two cartoon icons shared a comic strip in the 80's to cash in on nostalgia and the popularity of "funny animal" strips like Garfield.

Next is Hartland.  Remember Harltand?  Me neither.  And there is VERY little information about it online aside from the website of the strip's creator Richard Torrey who seems to have moved on to drawing children's books.  So don't expect a Fun Fact about this one.

And finally we have well wishes "On the Fastrack" which I think I remember.  It was around for almost two decades and seems to still exist in a modified form online but with cast changes and characters who age.  So it's kind of like Funky Winkerbean, except...well I guess it's just like Funky Winkerbean.

Sure, funny page superstars like Snoopy or Cathy or Garfield might not have put in an appearance but I think we can appreciate this eclectic group of heroes and goofs who took time out of their busy day to congratulate our hometown paper.

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