Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hull & Oats

Thanks to Wheaties, the idea of combining cereal and athletes seems completely natural.  Doug Flutie took it up a notch with his Flutie Flakes and several years back Brett Hull, while he was still with the Dallas Stars, managed to get his very own breakfast treat:  Hull-O's!

The expiration date on this box is April of 2000 and I remember picking up the box somewhere in North Texas.  I'm not sure if they were distributed anywhere else.  Proceeds from the sales went to Camp John Marc for Special Needs Kids in Dallas.

Instead of a toy surprise inside the box you had the option to get your very own "Hull-O's" t-shirt for the low, low price price of $13.95 (plus shipping):

At the time I didn't want to cut up my super collectible box but at this point it's a minor regret that I just have to live with. 

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