Friday, March 15, 2013


We can all agree that Fletcher's Original State Fair Corny Dogs are the alpha and omega of the corny dog world. 

That being said, recently an innocent trip to the Fort Worth Zoo brought a huge corn dog conspiracy to my attention.  As I walked into the Texas Wild! exhibit (which is great, by the way) I noticed a Fletcher's Corny Dog stand. 

This was surprising as I thought they were only available at the State Fair.  I tweeted my surprise and it wasn't long until the fine folks as Fletcher's set me straight:

 So take a closer look at that picture.  Notice it says "Fletcher" instead of "Fletcher's".  That lack of "S" makes all the difference.  The Fletcher's guys may be able to take this in stride but it's quite the controversy to me.  Who is the False Fletcher?!?  More investigation is necessary.

Thank God I didn't eat one!

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