Friday, January 6, 2017

Chicken & Somethin'

Dairy Queen didn't start in Texas and they certainly aren't exclusive to Texas but somehow over the years the fast food chain has really dug its heels into the Lone Star culture.  Imagery of Friday night noshing at the local small town DQ before heading out to the high school game flood the small screen during commercials every fall.

And now they've taken it to the next level by introducing an unusual menu item.  Sure, lots of fast food chains like Taco Bell and Pizza Hut get the headlines but stuffing something into something or taking an odd flavor and incorporating it into your favorite snack but DQ has taken it up a notch by going after Grandma's beat.

Chicken and Dumplings from the drive thru?  Sounds like something that could easily go horribly wrong.  Would you forgo the Hunger Buster for a warm bowl of old school comfort food?  We decided to find out and here's what we got:

So what's the verdict?  They're actually not too bad.  Certainly not in the same category as Grandma's home cooking but better than what you'd expect from a fast food chain.  Not that you would necessarily expect chicken and dumplings at a fast food chain though.

The creamy broth has enough flavor to be acceptable and make up for the obviously processed chicken.  But salt lovers may want to grab an extra packet or too.

The dumplings could have been a little firmer.  As it is, they are slightly mushy.  The dish is probably on the same level as what you might get at a Luby's or Golden Corral type restaurant.  So not great, but definitely a nice and convenient lunch during the 10 days per years of cold weather that we get here in Texas.

But for me personally, Dairy Queen will also be known as the best fast food tacos on the road.  Yeah, that's right.  Try some next time.

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